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10 Tips to Remember When Making Video Content

Using videos for sales is epic if you follow these epic best practices as part of your video production and publishing strategy.

Video content can seem daunting to begin with. It takes a lot of effort to make some, but it produces the best outcomes. Human minds process videos faster and retain more information acquired from watching a video, compared to any other form of content.

The effort invested in making good videos is the effort put into maximising your business growth. Tips and tactics in making video content range from simple steps like ensuring a good backdrop to advanced tactics like aiming your content to a key focus user demographic.

Make sure you use the below 10 tips to remember when making video content to stand out in the eyes of your viewers, retain their interest, and drive them towards meaningful actions for your business.

Tip 1: Choose a ‘repeatable’ production quality

Every time viewers interact with your brand via content (or otherwise), they build a mental map through which they will remember and recognize your brand. Consistency helps build stronger mental maps.

You don’t need the absolute state-of-the-art equipment in the world. Instead, focus on getting the best production value that you can consistently reuse in the future. This helps produce a consistent experience for your audience.

Of course, with personalized video content scaling solutions like you could create the best quality content you can afford and then customize it and scale it up.

Tip 2: The right kind of lighting makes all the difference

Videos are a visual medium, and how well your audience can see your content is key to delivering the best experience.

Natural outdoor lighting is almost always a great free resource for making video content. In case you’re shooting indoors, you might want to look into soft lighting with good white balance and good-quality backdrops.

How well your audience sees your video content is how well they see your brand.

Tip 3: Sound quality is crucial for a good experience

This is something even seasoned and popular brands and content creators often get wrong. Good sound quality is very important. On the other hand - noisy, distorted, echoey, or low sound in videos can very quickly lose the viewer’s interest.

It is important to choose a quiet location for recording and use microphones that dampen or cancel outside noises and captures recorded sounds with high fidelity.

Tip 4: Recording locations say a lot about your brand

A recording location can be anything, but it should be chosen carefully to represent the qualities and values your brand stands for. A white screen will not cut it, audiences connect with real backdrops that show lived-in places and exude personality.

Choosing the right backdrop should be a key step in your video production strategy.

Tip 5: Your thumbnails are your elevator pitch

An exciting thumbnail is what makes viewers click on videos. Some brands take it too far and make clickbait thumbnails that don’t honestly convey what their videos are actually going to be about and quickly lose their audience to infamy. Other brands pay too little effort to thumbnails and ensure that they publish great content that nobody clicks on.

The right answer is finding the balance. Your thumbnails should clearly convey what information your videos have but also be exciting and make viewers want to explore your content.

When you capture curiosity, you capture interest. When you capture interest, your brand outshines others in the market. Good thumbnails help you do just that.

Tip 6: Make interesting content

This cannot be taught or explained through algorithms. Audience interests are both abstract and fickle, they are hard to pinpoint and change with time so it is difficult to keep creating ‘interesting’ content.

But it is harder to build a business.

Creativity exists in all of us - you, your employees, and your customers too. You can conduct contests amongst your employees and customers to get the best content ideas for your videos. You can also research trending concepts and media and build your content to either ride the wave or disrupt whatever is catching the audience's interest.

Tip 7: Target your content to specific user personas

If your target customer is ‘everyone’, you will not reach anyone effectively. All content must be targeted at a specific segment of your total user base. Show your users that you know them - and you can only know them if you know their unique and specific pain points - and through your personalized content show them how you offer value.

With personalized video solutions such as, you can create one video and make tailored versions for your different user personas in a cost-effective and scalable manner. That decreases your overall cost of production and makes your content effective and highly targeted.

Tip 8: Answer the question: “Why me?”

Modern users need to know that they are not part of a “spray-and-pray” campaign. They need to understand why they are seeing your content and what relevance it is to them. The first part of your video should explain exactly that.

Again, the personalization achieved by helps you hook your audience and makes it clear that they are your intended audience.

Tip 9: Show them why you are the right fit

After all, your video content is intended to make your audience want to buy your products or solutions. You would want to show your viewers what makes your brand stand out amongst the competition and why they should engage with you. You should also build a sense of urgency in your users - the time to purchase is now!

With a focus on delivering value to your users and doing it quickly, you maximize your chances of winning them as customers.

Tip 10: Always finish with a clear call-to-action

Congratulations! You have successfully captured the attention and interest of your audience. Now comes the challenging part - driving them towards a meaningful call to action.

The best way to do that is, to be straightforward. You know the value and benefits to customers your brand has to offer, so let your users know what they should do to avail it.

An easy-to-understand (and easy-to-do) call to action is crucial to find success with your audience. This step is also made easy by because it helps you customize your videos and ensures you can create multiple variants with different calls to action. It is great for A/B testing as well.

We hope these 10 tips come in handy when you plan your next video content campaign. There is a lot of potential for growing your brand can unlock with personalized videos. Stay tuned with us to learn more.

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