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Why are videos the most flexible marketing tool?

Videos are a versatile tool for marketing. It can be used in a variety of ways depending on the need of the client. On top of that, it has a very huge impact on the customers leading to increase sales. So what makes videos so useful? Let’s find out.

  1. Consuming it is simple. The human brain is built to analyse visual information; it is estimated to process images 60,000 times faster than text. The acceptance of your products, concepts, and services by the audience can be increased by using visually conveyed marketing techniques, such as animated graphics and films.

  2. It satisfies particular demands. Video can be produced for a variety of purposes, including marketing, sales, employee training, internal communications, customer support, and showcasing a company's CSR initiatives or green credentials. Your creativity is the only boundary.

  3. It works at all points in the sales process. Video can be used to assist a variety of marketing initiatives, including general brand awareness, product promotions, demos, instructions, testimonials, post-sale customer service, and engagement.

  4. It has emotion. A powerful emotional response can be elicited quickly by using a special combination of perceptive visuals, body language, tone of voice, moving music, and visual narrative.

  5. Increase in traffic and backlink. Videos Increase web traffic. When people are spending more time online they are more likely to be influenced by what they see online and purchase more products and services. According to a survey, search generates 41% higher website traffic for video users than for non-users. It has also been reported that the average number of linking domains roughly triples when a video is included in a post or page.

  6. It helps with attention span. It has been stated that videos are 12 times more likely to be seen than text to an ingrained human impulse. People have always needed the ability to pay attention to motion to survive. It's ingrained in our DNA. Hence videos are always a better choice than simple text or words.

  7. It functions in a variety of media. Videos are effective in many different contexts, including on a company website, in online directories, on social media, on screens at trade exhibitions, on laptops or tablets during sales presentations, on video conference calls, or on screens in waiting areas. Hence, it can be used in a variety of ways, each tailor-made to suit the needs of the user.

  8. It is more likely to be shared. A person can like, comment on, and share a video in an instant in the social media-driven generation we currently inhabit. Research on consumer behaviour has indicated that 83% of people would think about telling their friends about a business film they enjoyed. People are more likely to trust suggestions if they come from a familiar face, so a brief mention from a previous client or friend can bring potential customers right to your door.

  9. It can be repurposed, giving you a significant return on investment. After your initial project is over, you can gather videos in a media library that can be edited again to produce fresh material. Why not use stock footage from a company overview in a recruitment video together with a fresh authored voiceover? Or maybe post the clips from the corporate film on social media, where shorter edits garner more attention?

  10. Different formats can be utilized with it. Your video editor can give you photos, PDF graphics, and audio from a single video project that you can quickly translate into written blogs, and utilize for direct mail, social media, email marketing, trade fair displays, and many other content forms. If you want high-quality stills, we suggest bringing an expert photographer with you to the session.

  11. Videos are easier to access than other forms of media. Videos can be viewed silently or with just captions and retain their impact. In fact, 85% of video is watched silently, with many people doing so while using public transportation, working, or watching television at home. Additionally, video can be localized with subtitles and voiceovers in additional languages, making it incredibly inclusive and hence expanding your audience reach.

  12. It has a sensuous quality. According to a University of Iowa study, we are more likely to remember things we touch and see than things we hear. Keeping this in mind is especially important when taking into account how widely and quickly videos may be shared on social media. Current technology that combines multisensory and multimedia components—such as iPads, tablets, and e-textbooks—requires students to touch and move their fingers over the screen to access videos, voiceovers, and additional text, which can enable multisensory processing.

  13. It improves Google rankings. When selecting where to rank you in its search engine, Google now considers text, image, and video content. High-quality videos that perform well have prepared transcripts with pertinent keywords and optimized thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and tags.

  14. It fosters a stronger bond with your brand. More of your company can be showcased in a video at once. In a few minutes or fewer, viewers can see your staff, your facilities, your products, and your culture. A visual experience can increase consumer trust in your brand, which in turn increases sales.

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