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15 Ways Videos Will Help Your Sales & Marketing Process

Videos have more impact than you realize. Sure, they are great conversation starters. But they are great at every stage of your brand’s next marketing and sales campaign. Here’s how.

Where should you use videos in your sales and marketing? Everywhere you can. Why? Let’s see. We all like higher conversions, better engagement, more responses, higher brand recall value, faster time to completion on deals, greater customer retention, and the best customer advocacy a brand could hope for.

Lovely, video content paves the way for all of that and more.

Most people associate videos with great attention-grabbers good for early-stage marketing and sales, but many forget that videos get more and more effective down the funnel.

So let’s dive into the top 15 areas where video content can help your sales and marketing strategy, and also learn how we can utilize videos most effectively in all those areas:

Area 1: Popping out of the crowded inbox

Videos are still underutilized as a prospecting medium and are a novel, impactful content style that is sure to grab the audience’s attention. A video email creates intrigue and results in higher open rates - and if your target audience is opening your wonderful content they are highly likely to buy from you as well.

Area 2: Well-delivered value proposition

This is a game-changer in retail, e-commerce, and B2C models of selling. A boring product description that is a chore to read versus a product explainer video that is quick and hassle-free to engage with. No surprise that products with video explainers sell better and have lower bounce rates.

Another game-changer is how cost-effective and scalable this becomes using revolutionary AI-powered solutions like

Area 3: Perfectly-timed reachouts

The most successful brands are the ones that are in the right place at the right time - the right place being the centre of their target audience’s attention and the right time being whenever they engage with their content the first time.

With high-performing video content on social channels, you know when and how your target audience engages with your content. Thus, you can plan that perfect outreach that seals the deal.

Area 4: Winning more meetings

It is hard to say no to a personalized video request for a meeting. Whether it is a cold outreach video of your sales reps requesting a quick meeting or a thoughtful “hey, I look forward to seeing you at our next marketing event” video, you increase your chances of seeing your prospects face-to-face with video content.

Area 5: Mastering account-based marketing

What is better than generic sales and marketing videos? Highly personalized persona-based videos for account-based marketing and sales.

You can create a repository of videos based on various target personas and use that content to connect the right set of prospects to the most relevant content for their use cases and pain points.

Area 6: Reducing cart abandonment

This is again a game-changer in the world of e-commerce and digital retail. Customers dropping out of the shopping journey at the very last stage? Remind them about what they are walking away from with personalized videos that truly invoke the fear of missing out.

E-commerce brands that minimize cart abandonment via personalized content stand to get the best value out of their marketing spend as well as create deeper and more frequent engagement with their customers.

Area 7: Memorable communications

Text-based emails with bullet points of key takeaways are so last decade. It is time to create a deeper personal connection with your prospects and customers using video content that engages, intrigues, and stays with them.

People retain information better just by virtue of the fact that videos are easier to digest. Add to that an emotional connection and a touch of thoughtful personalization (the same kind that helps you add to your videos) and your brand will be all they talk about.

Area 8: Quick demos

People are super busy. They might not have the time to sit through a demo, or even give you the time to present one to them. But what every single one of your prospects or customers has is their own time. And a mini-demo is just the kind of content that can help you reach them in their leisure.

Mini-demos must follow the “less is more” principle to really emote to the prospects that you really respect their time. With quick demo content, you can stay connected with your prospects even when they don’t have time for you (or your competitors).

Area 9: Well-explained proposals

A well-explained proposal is a proposal explained through the highest level of engagement. Prospects may not always give you the time to connect over a call to discuss your value propositions and the plan to deliver them. In such cases, videos come in really handy to let the prospects understand what the next steps look like and what they need to do in order to get things moving.

Used correctly, they maximize the potential for quick responses from prospects.

Area 10: Faster issue resolutions

80% of user issues are frequent and repetitive. These issues can be resolved more quickly, more scalably, and more effectively by eliminating the middleman (a customer success representative) and letting an automated FAQ or chatbot take care of them instead. Most people would find it tedious to go through mountains of FAQ content, but personalized video snippets cut through the noise and reach them when and where needed the most.

Video content is a great way for your brand to maximise its customer success.

Area 11: Higher customer success

A library of video content that covers key and frequent customer issues and queries is important in the quest to maximize customer satisfaction. Good CX demands deeper engagement and a large library of personalized videos is the best way to accomplish that. With AI-powered video personalization offered by, it becomes easier for your brand to build your customer success video repository without breaking the bank.

Area 12: Improved upsell and cross-sell

With intriguing video content on your slide, you can reach out to your customers and pitch them upsell and cross-sell products and solutions without ever interrupting their day and trying to block their time when they’d rather be doing something else. “Hey, you might find this interesting,” is all it takes to start the chain reaction which brings upsell and cross-sell opportunities for your brand.

And do we need to mention how personalization improves the effectiveness of your upsell and cross-sell outreach video content?

Area 13: Reengagement with inactive customers

An angry or disappointed customer will not respond to meeting invites. E-commerce and retail customers are hard to bring back once they have moved on from your brand as well, especially in this competitive market.

But a video is harmless to click. And a video is exactly what can bring lost customers back to the fold. Audiences often avoid salespersons, but they would rarely avoid engaging content. And that could create the difference between your brand being good at losing customers or at winning them back.

Area 14: Impactful testimonials

Prospects love to hear from other customers about their experiences. Testimonials are great at winning the last piece of the puzzle which is customer confidence.

With powerful personalization capability at your fingertips, you can create a collection of testimonials which targets all your target personas and maximizes your engagement at the consideration stage of the funnel.

Area 15: Personalized account handovers

Account handovers can be tricky, especially with busy clients who prefer less engagement. Video notifications on account handovers, people updates, and brand updates are great for getting the message across to those difficult-to-reach customers.

Broadcast communication is highly impersonal and dry, but videos can add a personalized touch to this form of communication and maximize the engagement it achieves with your audience.

Like what you read? Stay tuned for more content on how video content can be used to maximize marketing and sales outcomes for your brand.

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